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November 24, 2006


Lar Bei


I always feel like I'm taking the fun out of the whole gift thing by requesting specfics. But here goes:

Larry’s holiday list 2006

Knife - Böker® TrapperLiner™ Tortoise Celluloid
Jeans - boot cut
Watch Batteries
Bose® SoundDock® digital music system
Del Mar Lite 42" Rolling Garment Bag
Work shirts and ties

memory card for PS2 PSP 1gb etoys wish list eToys
controler PS2 eToys

discovery magazine animated LED clock item 748087
LED color vortex item 765313

Fortunoff mens stainless pendant cross or peace charater.
Barns and noble gift card
iTunes or game stop

Modells NBA Aparell youth size 12-14 Miami Heat BBall shirt or tee shirt, Player Wade, Backpack Miami Heat.

EToys wish list
Accesories for Nintendo Wii.
ITunes gift card
Game Stop gift card
Speaker for Nano iPod

AnnTaylor gift card
Pottery Barn gift card


Dear Santa-
I have been charged with posting for my entire family, dear Santa. So here goes our lists:

1. IPod Shuffle
2. unique wine decanter
3. Parenting books for Toddlers
4. Nordstrom gift certificate

1. IPod Shuffle
2. Home Depot gift card
3. Itunes gift card

Aidan- and Santa he has been a very good boy this year
1. nesting toys
2. wooden puzzles
3. little table and chairs (little tykes)
4. 3T Winter and Summer clothes (yep, he is quite the big boy Santa)
5. Cute little chair for him to sit in and read his books in his room

Thank-you Santa!

Katie (Toots)

Hi Santa,

I hope you have been enjoying your retirement. Here is a short list of items I would love to see under my Christmas tree (beside you, sleeping off a night out):

CZ/ Diamonette princess cut (that means square Santa) earrings set in silver or platinum (haha).

Sephora makeup kit (Too Faced, The Jewelry Box $39.50)

Anything from the Philosophy collection at Sephora (I think I like “Falling in Love” the fragrance but I’m not sure).

Thanks Santa, you rock!

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