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November 24, 2006



ok, santa baby, the best way to find out what's on my mind is to go to my amazon wishlist, it's all under ctice@nybooks.com. Just ignore the diamond earrings, I plan to have those on there for a while (platinum no less) in case Sanata gets fresh. But as he's a bargain hunter (check out Galway's finest offers) he shouldn't complain about the other requests. There is that book that A. Elf hoped to give me last year, that never did turn up. So, Toots, if you paid for that, you should get your money back! How appropriate the title was "Out of Sheer Rage." Ha! I'm still wanting it, believe it or not.
xxoo rosie

and p.s. you others fellas better put your requests up too, don't leave the rest of us hangin on fer dear life until the bitter end.


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